What is a NetID?

A Network ID (NetID) is a unique log-on profile used to identify a person requesting access to University applications over the University’s network.

What are the goals of NetID?

Who is participating on the NetID Project Team?

What is the current status of the project?

How Does It Work?

The process is based on a centralized directory of all University users. Each user of the University’s computer network will be required to identify themselves to the system by using the correct NetID profile and the associated NetID password. If the combination is correct the user will be considered "authenticated" and authorized to proceed into the requested application. Note that this only provides authentication and does not address at this time the "authorization" that a user must have to view information. Authorization to specific data will continue to be determined by the application.

How Fast Will We Convert To NetID?

Over the next two years University systems will be upgraded to incorporate the NetID authentication step. Initially the NetID and authentication process will be incorporated in new systems. The most significant of these new systems will be the SAP Human Resources and Financial system presently being implemented. The Student Data Warehouse being developed in Knoxville will also require NetID authentication. Over time more existing systems will be converted to the NetID authentication process.

Why Do We Need This?

Information technology is pushing more and more applications to the internet. In order to remain competitive with our peer institutions the University is actively pursuing this same goal. One of the critical aspects of web-based applications is the need to be confident of the identity of the user requesting the service. The LDAP Directory, using the NetID profile and password, will provide the means to confidently authenticate the person before allowing access to any application or seeing any information.

Additionally, the University has long needed a centralized directory that could identify and authenticate valid users on a statewide basis. LDAP and NetID are being developed for ultimate use by all campuses of the greater University system.