Project Management Plan
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville Campus

A three-tiered management plan will be implemented: (1) Executive Council, Chair - Dwayne McCay, (2) Advisory Committee, Chair - Brice Bible, (3) Project Management - Director, Dewitt Latimer.

The Executive Council

The Executive Council will be responsible for providing financial oversight, corporate vision and advocacy, major dispute resolution, policy/procedure approvals, and facility management.The Council will be comprised of the following members:

The Council will meet quarterly or on an ad hoc basis as required.

The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee will ensure involvement and input by all areas of the university community. The Committee will be responsible for customer awareness, problem resolution, building priority review, departmental/functional requirements, standards development and adoption, and financial assessment. The Committee will meet monthly and will be composed of the following members:

Project responsibility will be vested in the Associate Vice President for Information Technology’s office. Project staffing will consist of a Project Director, Coordinator, Accounting Officer, and five additional team members. Additional key team members will be responsible for specific project assignments as determined and assigned by the project director. Some individuals will be assigned to the team for the full length of the project; others may be assigned to a specific task and thus only partial service. Still others will play a key support role across all groups.

This concept is similar to the SAP implementation.  The SAP/IRIS and the VolNet projects are both critical to the mission of the university and represent a large expenditure, so the same level of support and cooperation in tapping resources through out the university will be required.  Many of the specific project assignments will require participation by key leaders in the campus community.


Project Management Team

Known Major Tasks to Date