VolNET: IP Traffic vs. non-IP Traffic
All traffic on the VolNet network will be IP only. Some of the impacts on the departments are as follows:
  1. IPX traffic will no longer be allowed to leave the building - may not see as many "nearest neighbors" - may not be able to print to a printer in another building (if the printer is configured to use IPX) - will not be able to map drivers to servers outside of the building - must use tn2370 to access mainframe applications (IMS, DMS, AS400, etc.) - will not be able to remotely manage IPX only server in another building

    All Novell Servers will need to be version 5.0+ to meet our IP only needs. If your server is running lower versions of the Novell NetWare Software, you will need to upgrade your server if you plan to pass traffic between buildings. If the upgrade is not an option, DII offers a Strategic Server Initiative. Please direct all Novell server questions to Perry Newman, 4-9600.

  2. AppleTalk traffic will no be longer allowed between the buildings. Mac users may use AppleShare via IP. The server must be running at least OS 9.0 to use Appleshare via IP and clients are available for OS 7.55+.

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