VolNET: IP Management Changes

Dynamic Domain Name Service
This document is to inform the campus that Office of Information Technology (OIT, formally DII) will be deploying new DDNS/DHCP servers (Dynamic Domain Name Service and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) on Monday September 24, 2001. This is being done in conjunction with the VolNet Project. We are upgrading the current DNS/DHCP servers to give the network a better support infrastructure that will allow quick end-user registration, ease of management, fast connectivity, and a higher level of security.

To prepare for the cutover to the new DNS/DHCP servers, all buildings in VolNet will need to be re-surveyed. On this second survey, we will be gathering the NetID of the responsible individual for each desktop. In this age of Internet worms and viruses, this data will enable OIT to quickly track down a compromised machine and help the owner take appropriate action. The responsible individual for each desktop may be the person who sits in front of that machine or the LANMAN/First Responder for the department. The responsible individual will be able to easily make changes for that desktop through a web interface.

The Design
There will be a primary (master) DDNS server and 4 secondary (slave) servers for the main campus and one secondary (slave) server for the Ag campus. There will be 2 DHCP servers running in failover mode.

Schedule and outages
The deployment date is the evening of Monday September 24, 2001. During that time, there will be no network connectivity to and within the campus.

IP add/moves changes freeze
In order to stabilize the IP information before deployment, there will be a freeze on IP adds/moves/changes from Wednesday, September 19 at 5:00pm through Sunday, September 30 at 5:00pm. Any IP requests submitted during that time will be referred back to the user for re-submission after September 30.

Web IP registration page
Once the new servers are in place, all IP requests will go through the IPregistration web page. You will no longer have to wait to be assigned an IP domain name. Instead, all unregistered machines will be assigned an IP name through the web page. Owners of unregistered machines (machines whose Ethernet hardware address is not known to the DHCP server) can plug into an active port, open the registration page, fill out the online form, and be given an IP name in 5-10 minutes.

Dynamic IP numbers vs. Static IP names It will be the policy that all desktops, laptops, and devices that are end-user machines will receive dynamic IP numbers on registration. A computeršs domain name will not change, but, on reboot, an end-user device is not guaranteed the same IP number. For normal use, it is the domain name that is important, not the IP number.

All new machines brought on to the network for the first time will be required to register. The person registering the machine may be the person who will most often use the machine or the departmental contact. In either case, the person registering must have a valid NetID in the central LDAP directory. The NetID of the person registering the machine will be the person allowed to make IP changes for that machine.

Question? email the webmaster.

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