Why is my PC no longer able to run Netscape or check my mail?

Problem: Why can I no longer run Netscape or check my mail on my Windows 95 or 98 PC?

Reason: Part of the VolNet project is to assign new network numbers (IP addresses). Your PC my not have requested a new address.

Solution 1: Perform a release and renew of the IP address by following the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Start menu and select Run from the list.

  2. Type winipcfg at the prompt and hit the Enter key. The following window will appear:

  3. Click on the down arrow and select your network card from the list. Do not select PPP Adaptor.

  4. Click on the Release button.

  5. Click on the Renew button.

  6. You should now see a 160.36.x.x IP address.

  7. Try Netscape or Internet Explorer to see if it works properly.