Why is my Macintosh Server not Appearing in my Chooser?

Problem: I can no longer get to my AppleShare (Macintosh) server outside my building.

Reason: The protocol that allows Macintoshes to log into Apple servers is disabled between buildings to streamline the UT network.

Solution 1: If you have a Macintosh that is running System 7.5.5 or newer, perform the following: (If you need to upgrade your software, please call LAN and Desktop Support at 974-9800 and select option 2).

  1. Click on the menu and select the Chooser.

  2. Click on the AppleShare icon in the upper left portion of the screen.
  3. Click on the Server IP Address button.

  4. Type in the IP name or number for the Apple server. If you do not know this number, please call the server administrator or your First Responder.
  5. Log into the server using your username and password.
  6. Select the disks from the list that you would like to work with. Click OK.
  7. Close the Chooser.
  8. If this is a server you want to use often, click on each one of the server icons on your Desktop. Select the File menu and choose Make Alias.
  9. Anytime you would like to use this server all you have to do is double-click on the alias and log in.