VolNET Quarterly Reports
January 2001

Tennessee.edu Domain

  • Dual email addresses for Knoxville, Memphis and Tullahoma in final stages

Completion of dual email addresses for all campuses is nearing the final stages. There are approximately 25 remaining faculty and staff with naming conflicts that will need to choose their new name by January 30.

  • UTENN.EDU domain name returned to ARIN

All machines that can currently be moved from the UTENN domain have been moved. Aliases have been set up for machines that were unable to change their names and appropriate changes have been made to local host config files (/etc/hosts.equiv and lmhosts files).

  • Groupwise Post Office consolidation accelerated

The consolidation of the Administrative Services Groupwise post offices into one central post office was successfully completed in November.


Core Network & Electronics


  • Building electronics on order

Orders for core electronics for January & February buildings have been placed, however, Cisco has been experiencing shipping delays on the orders. Plans are to order March and April equipment as soon as possible to avoid shipping delays.

  • DNS/DHCP servers still being configured and tested

The new DNS/DHCP servers that will handle the assignment of IP addresses on the Knoxville campus continue to be configured with the NetId product. Initial building cutover problems have occurred and the software is being evaluated to determine if it is feasible to continue using it.

  • Building cutover order posted to web

All buildings on campus have been reviewed and prioritized and the proposed cutover dates have been posted to the Volnet website.

Plans are to meet with building representatives for each month’s list of buildings as early as three months prior to cutover. November, December, and January building representatives met on October 5 & 6. February and March building representatives met on December 7 & 8. In addition, there were individual departmental meetings held with November, December and January representatives.

The original schedule was delayed one month with Burchfiel being cutover on December 15, at their request. Likewise, Claxton was rescheduled for January 5 at Computer Science’s request. Due to the occupancy of three dorms, only nine of the twelve dorms were cutover by December 31, with the remaining three dorms scheduled for the first week in January. University Housing’s ports in these areas were not cutover in order to allow them to upgrade their Novell server and applications. Those ports will be cutover in November 2001.

Over 1500 desktop machines were visited and configured by Pomeroy employees and LaDS in anticipation of building cutovers.

IP Issues

  • IP White paper published to web

Current IP issues have been documented with a white paper that has been published to the Volnet website.


  • IP routing tests performed

IP-only routing tests will be performed in all buildings prior to building cutovers.



Fiber Build-Out


  • Single Mode Fiber installation from individual buildings to vault continues

In October fiber was installed from the vault to Burchfiel and Claxton. Ayres, Claxton Addition, Hoskins and South College were connected to the vault in November. In December fiber was installed from the vault to Apartment Residence Hall, North & South Carrick, Clement, Gibbs, Greve, Hess, Humes, Massey, Melrose, Morrill, Reese, Strong, Thornton and Jesse Harris.



Intra-Building Wiring

  • Status of buildings being wired

SMC To be finished by the end of February

Student Services Admissions and Records has been rewired

Physics On hold by order of Fire Marshall

Nursing On hold by order of Fire Marshall

Hodges Library To be finished by the end of May

Vet Med Site survey currently underway

Jesse Harris To be started July 1, 2001

In addition, discussions with appropriate personnel have occurred to determine if Andy Holt Tower should be moved up in the wiring timetable to address potential SAP/IRIS implementation problems for April. At this time Administrative Services has declined to move AHT ahead in the wiring timetable; however, there will be a network stress test performed on Wednesday, January 29 to identify network performance issues concerning IRIS.



  • Commodity Internet saturated

A DS-3 line from QWEST will be installed January 15-30 to address saturation problems with our commodity internet.

The TNII circuit has been cancelled.






  • Staffing submitted for approval

Network Services interviewed candidates and submitted a request for approval to Dr. McCay in late December for the three open positions.

  • LDAs being hired to address specific tasks

An LDA position was created and filled in December to address IP numbering.



Wireless Networking

  • Wireless site surveys in progress

Site surveys have begun and have been completed for four buildings. Plans are to develop and document an installation plan within the next quarter.

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